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    Your Complete Guide to NTSE

    NTSE, also known as National Talent Search Examination, is a scholarship program that is held on a national level. It is conducted by NCERT, which is a short form for the National Council of Educational Research and Training, every year. It is one of the most reputable exams held in India at the high school level. The purpose of NTSE is to support talented, deserving students in their journey to get higher education by providing them with financial assistance. This financial support is in the form of a monthly scholarship that is given to the students throughout their education career. The students who are in class X can apply for NTSE and receive a scholarship from the 11th to post graduation level. Almost 2000 scholarships are rewarded from each level every year.

    Who Are Rewarded NTSE Scholarship?

    There are two stages of this exam. Stage one is a state level exam and stage two is an NCERT level exam. State level exam is conducted in all of the Indian States and Union Territories by the state education board, and those who pass the stage level exams get to sit for the stage two exams. The exams of stage one vary from state to state; one state might have an easier curriculum as compared to the other one. Stage two exams are conducted by the NCERT body. Those who clear both of the exams and perform well in them are rewarded with an NTSE scholarship. The overall performance of the student in both stage exams is considered before rewarding the scholarship.

    What Is The Eligibility Criteria for NTSE?

    Only those who are below the age of 18 can sit for NTSE. They are required to have scored a percentage of more than 60% in their 9th class exams.

    There is also an eligibility criterion for a student to sit in both stage one and stage two exams.

    If you want to sit in a state level exam, you have to be studying in class X in any government or private school in India. If you’re a student who is doing open or distant learning, you can also apply for NTSE. It doesn’t matter which state or union territory you belong to, you can sit for NTSE. To be eligible for stage two, you must pass the stage one exams.

    Can NRI Students Also Apply for NTSE?

    The students who are living abroad do not have to give stage one exams, they can sit directly for stage two exams but they must be in class X or the equivalent class. They would be required to have 60% in their previous annual exams. They would also be required to be present at any Indian Center. They would also be asked to provide an attested copy of their previous year, which is the IX class’ mark sheet, to the head of the Educational Survey Division of NCERT. Those who pass the exam are only rewarded the scholarship if they choose to study in India.

    What Is The Amount Offered To NTSE Passed Students?

    The amount of scholarship per month for the 11th and 12th classes is 1250 INR. However, for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students the amount is more; they are offered 2000 INR each month. For Ph.D. students, this amount is decided according to the UGC norms.

    How To Apply For NTSE?

    You can apply for this exam online, but they are conducted onsite. The application needs to be submitted before the due date. You might have to check the due date according to the state you live in. You are also required to fill out an application form. Once the application form is filled out, the principal of your school will be required to sign it. You will be charged for the exam once your application form is approved. If there are any queries regarding the application form, the state liaison officer of your state will answer them.

    What Is The Format Of NTSE?

    As the exam consists of two stages, they have divided it into two parts that are MAT, short form for Mental Ability Test, and SAT, short form for Scholastic Aptitude Test. The curriculum for NTSE is based upon the syllabus of class X directed by NCERT. The students are advised to prepare from the syllabus of Class IX and X. You can also refer to past papers of previous years to understand the syllabus in a better way.

    In MAT, you are asked questions regarding Analytical and Logical Reasoning. It is a Multiple Type Questions (MCQs) exam. There are 100 questions in this exam for one mark each. You are given 120 minutes to solve your exam. The important topics of MAT are Coding-Decoding, Problems on Cubes and Dice, Verbal and Non-Verbal Series, Verbal and Non-Verbal Analogy, Arithmetical Reasoning Test, Problems on Click, Venn Diagrams, Alphabet and Number Test, Incomplete Figures, Blood Relations, Missing Characters, Word Problems, Distance and Direction, Transparent Paper Folding, Verification of Truth of the Statement, Water and Mirror Images, Analytical Reasoning, Mathematical Operations, etc.

    In SAT, you are given 100 MCQs to solve just like MAT. These questions come from Science, Mathematics, and Social Studies. There are 40 MCQs related to Science subjects that include Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Social Studies also has 40 MCQs that are related to History, Political Science, Geography, and Economics. However, for Mathematics there are only 20 MCQs. Apart from Social Studies, Science, Mathematics; you might be asked questions based on the subjects of English, Mental Ability, General Knowledge.

    The state level exam is offered in the language of the state you are giving it in, however, for the stage two exam, which is conducted by NCERT, you are offered many language options.

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    How To Prepare For NTSE?

    There are many options to prepare for NTSE. You can self-study to prepare for NTSE or you can get NTSE coaching. NTSE courses are offered to students. If you’re planning to self-study, then we would advise you to follow the steps mentioned below:
    • Go through the syllabus and understand everything that will come.
    • Focus on the NCERT curriculum as that’s where most of the MCQs come from.
    • You will also need to do time management as the exams are competitive and there are several topics you would need to cover.
    • Practicing past papers is also recommended by us if you want to have a good idea of how the exams come.
    • Do not forget to revise what you have learned. The key to passing the exams is revision.
    • There are also books available specifically for NTSE. Preparing through those books can also help you in achieving good marks as they will focus solely on the NTSE syllabus.

    On the other hand, most of the students prefer to get coaching classes for NTSE. As this exam is held on the National level and a large number of students from different states appear in this exam, there is a lot of competition. The NTSE syllabus is also enormous and those appearing for the exams get confused as to what to prepare and what not to. Hence, taking coaching classes proves to be extremely beneficial for the students who can easily prepare for their NTSE without having to worry about the wrong guidance.

    NTSE Preparation By Scholar’s Academy

    If you’re also looking for coaching classes to prepare for NTSE, then, rest assured as we have got you all covered. We, at Scholar’s Academy, are providing number one coaching classes for NTSE in Delhi. We have vast experience in assisting students with the preparation of different exams. We offer several courses to our students and help them achieve the best results. Our staff consists of highly educated and skilled teachers who have extensive experience in their respective fields.

    Why Choose Us?

    We have been in this industry for several years. We have helped an enormous number of students in achieving the best results over the years. Scholar’s Academy has produced some of the top students who have performed amazingly on the national level. We focus on helping the students in scoring the highest marks smartly. Scholar’s Academy has helped over 75,000 students. Our faculty is extremely qualified and equipped with the knowledge of the subjects they are teaching. They help the students through each and every step of their journey to give NTSE exams. You will not have to worry about finding the right NTSE course material, or what to study and not as we will provide you with everything.

    In our NTSE course in Delhi, you will have personal guidance from the teachers. If you miss any lecture, you will get access to their recorded versions. You will be getting taught by some of the most experienced and renowned teachers. All of the topics will be explained to you in great detail and will be made simple for you to understand quickly. We will also conduct different tests to assess your performance and preparation. Our instructors will also give you insight into all important topics that might have a chance to appear in the exam. By preparing those important topics, you will secure good marks. We will provide you with the past papers and study material that will make your preparation for the exams top-notch.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The amount of time a student requires to prepare for an exam varies. However, we advise our students to start preparing 6 months prior so they have enough time to go through past papers, revisions, and mock tests.

    Students are not charged any fee to appear in NTSE by NCERT. However, your state examination center may charge some fees for stage one exams. You can check it with your examination centers.

    Yes, we provide our students with study materials that help them in understanding all the topics easily.

    Yes, you can apply for NTSE. The state-level exams are taken place in different languages. You can also check NTSE’s eligibility page for more information.

    No, there are only objective-type questions in the form of MCQs in the NTSE.

    Yes, we teach and focus on all of the chapters that appear in Science, Social Science, and Mathematics subjects. We also take mock tests to help the student in their preparation.

    If you have any other questions, doubts or even if you’d like to consult us, do not hesitate to Contact Us

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